What now Germany?… How do we get electricity…?

Bursting light bulb signifying the Energy Crisis in Germany

What now Germany… how do we get electricity…???

“Germany’s heavy industry is worse off now than during the worst COVID times”…True or False?

Of course, the high gas and coal prices of 2022 have something to do with it… they were high because of Putin, which affected Germany as it doubled its “energy transition-related” dependence on Russian gas over the last 20 years.

Or maybe we should consider that coal and nuclear power were gradually reduced, or maybe because energy security was not really taken seriously, or because the sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t always blow?… certainly not.

The Germany energy news is … as German policymakers and energy industry leaders face enormous challenges due to a recession, deindustrialization and more, the country continues to work to meet ambitious renewable energy goals amidst an unfolding energy crisis.

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